About Us

We Adsolutions Digital Communications (Pvt) Ltd are a non-traditional advertising agency. We believe in focused, cost-effective communications that target a captive audience.

Our main focus is Out of home digital marketing solutions. Simply put we have digital screens at strategic locations which are exposed to the masses in Colombo.  The screens are viewed by a captive audience who are waiting in Hospitals, the Id office, the passport office and at leading gyms.

We also have a large screen at a strategic location in Wellawate.

In addition, we also provide a host of specialist services that deliver results on a focused budget. Go through our portfolio and get in touch to take your brand to the next level.

Our Vision

To be the most sought-after out of home advertising solutions provider in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

To offer our clients best solutions within the out of the home category, to be innovative and up to date in our technology, to keep the best interest of our partners and employees at heart and operate our business profitably within the respected rules of business ethics.